About Mark Eichenlaub

Photo on 8-20-12 at 2.25 PM


I am a USATF certified coach and currently coach a cross-country and track team in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.    I also coach a number of individuals through personalized schedules and enjoy passing on all that I have learned in my 20-plus years in the sport of running.

I also coach the Couch to 5K at Riverside Health and Fitness Center and love it.

I am a member of the Kankakee River Running Club.  I have been coached in the past by the Run Smart Project, Nate Jenkins, and am currently being coaching by Casey Collins of Runnersconnect.net.  My views on running have been shaped by these coaches as well as heavily influenced by the work of Brad Hudson, Arthur Lydiard, Greg McMillan and many others. I have also learned a great deal from reading the online work of Jason Fitzgerald, Steve Magness and Jay Johnson.


I continue to run now and am currently training to run my first marathon this year, the Chicago Marathon.

For those interested a partial list of my race performances and running pr’s they are available here at my Athlinks page.

Prior writing

I previously wrote for and managed the site regimeofterror.com where I spent years researching, conducting interviews about and writing about terrorism related issues.  During this time my work was commented on by others in the industry and has been published in National ReviewInsight MagazineAmerican ThinkerNewsBlazeFrontPage MagazineThe Star and cited by The SpectatorNational Review OnlineThe Weekly Standard (and here), Investor’s Business DailyIraqSloggerThe Middle East QuarterlyWorldNetDailyPajamas Media1450 AM in New JerseyFamily Security Matters, Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Radio show and a number of sources throughout the blogosphere.

I also gathered information relevant to regimeofterror.com through participation in the Department of the Defense blogger roundtable discussions and interviews with top White House officials.

Prior to writing about terrorism related issues I also wrote about the Chicago Bulls (another passion of mine) at Inside Hoops.


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