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Despite reading many years of worth of Runner’s World and Running Times magazines, reading a number of highly recommended running books, and reading countless online running websites I was still unsatisfied with my rate of improvement.  I was particularly unsatisfied considering the amount of time I spent computing formulas for the “perfect” running schedule.

Is there a “perfect” running schedule?

Last year I began working with a running coach and have been extremely pleased with the results both in terms of the ease of mind it has given me, the confidence, and the independent analysis that I needed.  Having gone through this experience has validated some of the information I read in many books and magazines as being sound and worthy of passing along to others.

Train smarter, not harder!

I currently use all of the lessons I have learned over the past 20 years through trial and error, reading, listening/learning to coach a number of runners currently.  These runners come from all ages and ability levels and I will be relaying some of their success stories in the coming days and weeks.  I have tried to help save them the hassle of having to reinvent the wheel that so many of us have had to do before realizing how to make the best of our training to avoid injury, improve our health, and run faster and farther.

The time to start is now!

For the month of January I will be offering monthly coaching for runners at the rate of $59.99 per month.  This coaching will include a customized running schedule based on your history, current ability and goals.  We will work together to asess this and set up an appropriate schedule.

To initiate your free consultation please click here if you are ready to be the best YOU this year.


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