Welcome to Mark’s running and coaching website!


Thank you for visiting my site! I am in the process of setting up http://teachtorun.com (The thought process behind the name of the site to be posted soon) and wanted to get an online presence up in the meantime for those seeking to contact me.

In brief, I have been running since 1988 (approximately) with a few years off in the middle and absolutely love the sport. Running is a sport that can bring you great satisfaction and health benefits if you stick with it. This site will be a compilation of the tips, tricks, and advice I have gathered over the past 20 plus years from my previous coaches, fellow runners, books/magazines, trial and error, and internet research.

I currently utilize this knowledge to coach a number of runners at a wide range of ability levels and a wide range of goals. If you are interested in making the best of your time running (and not having to reinvent the wheel like so many of us have) please post a comment below and I will contact you to see how I can help you!


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